“What does not kill me, makes me stronger…”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Sworkin, the inventor of television, dreamed

Of installing television cameras in spacecraft

So that we could look at space

From space itself. During the Vietnam war

Photographer Tim Page proposed to install

A miniature camera on the weapon of a GI

To be able to record the supreme moment

Of death. There are no more blind spots

Humans are born voyeurs

Our visual sense increasingly dominates

The other four senses: slowly we disappear

Under the surface of the eye

Become entrapped in our retinal web

And the world wide web: homo erectus

Has succumbed to homo desidens

The crumbled, composed, sitting, zapping, surfing human

Glued to the television or to the computer screen

Remote control or mouse within reach

Who with a dazed look in the eyes, from behind his misted window

On the world, is blinded by the eye that entertains him

Who offers himself to the spectacle that chains him

Who wants to be moved

Without having to move the body

Who wants to observe from a distance and peep

Who enjoys watching the world slipping by

Like a carnival procession

Or like a dream that passes by, in which

He can simply- even with wide open eyes –

Submerge. A dream from which he believes

To be able to wake as he pleases

A welcome diversion against the boredom

That preys upon his grey matter like a stealthy guerrilla

A plague of termites that eats him from inside

An emptiness that nags the brainstem

And which like a prolonged period of drought

Risks transforming yesterday’s fields

Into today’s tundra

A dream from which he can wake as he pleases?

“What shall we dream about

When all has become visible?”

“We’ll dream that we go blind”

Who remains silent, admits being powerless

– source: poem by Serge R. van Duijnhoven, originally published in JANUS – magazine of contemporary art (Troubleyn, Jan Fabre), fall 2004.

COLOR COMPO – by Charline Lancel

Description: montage diasec, dition limit 1/8

Year Created: 2010

Charline Lancel


Charline Lancel, an artist photographer, filmmaker and designer. Born in Belgium in 1976, lives and works in Brussels.
Since my early childhood I have had an eye for the beauty of colors and harmony of shapes. After a career in film set design, I have decided to focus on my own artistic output.

Do you like the minimalist and geometrical aspect of my work, informed by the art of Vasarely and Mondrian, but also by Op’art and sci-fi universes? It’s mathematical art based upon an indexical picture, I do print my work on a combination of traditional photographic paper in between plexiglass plates (diasec), but I do also use the latest technology to imprint my art into the anodic layer of metal surfaces. The result is unlike anything you’ve seen, and highly durable.

Brussels, Belgium
Video Thumb


by Red Cell
For the few of you stuck out there in the interwebs that have NOT  seen these wonderful pin-ups already,
here they are. German ad agency Butter,  has created a pin up calendar using Japanese computer display
company  EIZO’s medical monitors and female models that appear on radiographs in  an attempt to promote its
 high-end monitors to doctors. Butter is  already winning awards in Germany and New York for this ingenious
 campaign including a Gold Pencil at the New York One Show.
  • peepholes press

Aryn Zev

b. 1976
Screenings, Exhibitions, Installations, Performances
2010  Rare Earth: Aggregate. Live media performance and installation. PointB Worklodge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Personal Web Site

Inside Dimension

(00:03:10) 2008

Inside Dimension

Inside Dimension deconstructs and subverts the absurd cultural byproducts of a media campaign that cunningly commodifies personal power and freedom of choice. Original camera work capturing the bold color schemes and flashy slogans of product packaging is collaged with multiple layers of video and audio samples from T.V. commercials. The exaggerated proliferation of quick cuts, jingles, and subliminal messages ultimately underscores the embedded content within these found materials.

CologneOFF V – Taboo! Taboo?

Cologne Online Film Festival

Media/Art/Cologne Mauritiusstinweg 64 D- 50676 Cologne
MICROWAVE – New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong

FONLAD – Digital Art Festival Guarda/Portugal 2010 un

Craftivism – Arnolfini Bristol/UK

CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity Sattal/India 2010


The only way to define the art of Lydia Lunch is simply not to.

Through music, books, spoken word performances, film, video, photography, poetry 

and a multitude of creative endeavors, Lydia Lunch has proven to be one of the most interesting

and daring artists of the current era. While many others of her generation have dissolved

into the trappings of commercialism, her artistic vision has, through the years,

been strengthened, redefined, and focused into an expression uniquely her own.


Photo Montages by Lydia Lunch

Poison - photo artwork by Lydia Lunch

A Predator’s Diary

The unspeakable sexual confessions of underground legend Lydia Lunch.

“Paradoxia reveals that
Lunch is at her best when she’s at her worst . . . and gives voice to her sometimes scary, frequently funny,

always canny, never sentimental siren song.”
–Barbara Kruger, ArtForum

“Hubert Selby, Jr. famously said that he grew up feeling like a scream without a mouth.

Lydia Lunch, one of his most celebrated– and most uncompromising–literary progeny,

delivered scream, mouth, teeth, blood, hair, sperm, knife, and adrenaline in her purgatorial

masterpiece Paradoxia.”

–Jerry Stahl, from the introduction

“Paradoxia is compelling, exhilarating, and infinitely readable.”

Akashic Books

R I C H A R D    K E R N

Richard Kern, photographer and filmmaker remains, first and foremost, a portraitist.   For more than two decades Kern has sought to unravel and illuminate the complex and often darker sides of human nature.

Kern makes the psychological space between the sitter, photographer and audience his subject. With his dry, matter of fact approach, he underlines the absurdity of truth and objectivity in photography while playing with our reliance upon taxonomies around sexual representation.


Jim Kern taking pictures in Berlin recently. Now he’s onto Belgium. See the report from Antwerp about the secret life of Belgian girls at VBS.TV:

The Latest Underground News, Articles, Features, Stories | VBS.TV Blog

Kern’s images have been widely published in Purple, Vice, V Magazine and Italian GQ as well as in his numerous books and exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum and in more than 30 solo shows around the world.

Kern lives and works in New York City.

Lydia Lunch gaat rock-bottom in Fingered


Richard Kern Photography

P.O. Box 1267

New York, NY 10009-8902



Brion Gysin: Dream Machine 

the Institut d’art Contemporain Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes, October 16 – November 28, 2010


Brion Gysin. Untitled, 1962. Oil on canvas. Collection Shane Akeroyd, 2002


William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. The Third Mind, 1965. Ink and typescript on paper. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, purchased with funds provided by the Hiro Yamagata Foundation

Bryon Gysin with Dreamachine at Musée des Art Décoratifs, Paris, 1962.

© Harold Chapman/Topham/The Image Works







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